To anyone stumbling across this page as a friend of Ray’s, my name is Erica.  Ray and I wrote together in this WordPress blog.  Many of these posts are his own creative work.

For those of you stumbling across this page as a friend of mine, or someone who generally does not know either of us, let me just share that Ray was a funny, quirky, creative and all around nice guy.  From what I knew of him, he was a talented writer and musician, and someone who I was honored to know, let alone write with.

At this point, I’ll probably keep this blog just as it is.  If ever a new post makes its way onto this page, it will be only as an honor to Ray’s life.

Thank you, readers and writers, for stopping by and honoring my friend.



The sound was mostly silence. At a passing glance, there was nothing. But I stopped, and with my eyes watched the mist hang heavy from the trees. A blanket of moisture warming the wilderness. There was something there. A stillness. But alive. Branches and water and silence. And me. Alone and stumbling on the rocks and roots of mighty forest. This ancient forest. This feeling of loneliness. I did not know where I was headed, but I pressed onward. Pushing back against civilization, and forever into the woods ahead.


Cliff thoughts

Mountains burning

Foggy, smoky, shoot straight through

Seems that everyone here knows

The joy crafted from the hazy way we drop things

Things that were cozy, but incomplete

Could have gotten through this maze just fine with them

But I went all in, and now with nothingness

I bake on the burnt sienna shoulder

Stare out into the hills, where I have no name

But rather, a much clearer place.


Something muttered 4 years back
Talk is cheap these days
The voice is so near
But a fortune couldn’t reach that extra inch
To make it come alive again

A picture on the wall
I stared at it for years
And wished that it would go away
Now it’s gone
I’d give the world for one more look

Alone with my thoughts again
A fragmented picture of Life
Never fully reached my view
Probably never will
But I carry every part at all times.