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Remembering Ray


I slice the land in half

Blank brown belt invisible in the blackness

Alone with the lines in the road

And a smattering of lights in the land and sky

And you.

This journey isn’t for the sights marking the coast

Or the dining along the way

It isn’t for anything that I can see

It’s a pilgrimage, for you.

Suddenly you’re everywhere

Sitting in my passenger’s seat

Tickling my shoulder

Joking that it’s about time I came to visit

Veer west again toward the damp chill of the coast

Strong, spicy eucalyptus air

No one knows quite what you meant to me

Not even me

Now that you have left us fleshy, fallible creatures

Maybe you do.

Alone, among hundreds

My eyes begin to flood

One continuous stream of tears

Interrupted by the laughter

In celebration of your fun and games

And weeping for the loss

Of a light I could only capture

In pictures and words.

What have you become?

Does your spirit now live in the rays

Of my ever sinking sun?

Can I see you every day

As I mourn that I’ll never see you

Ever again?


3 responses to “Remembering Ray

  1. Lucie ⋅

    Thank you for this beautiful poem. There are so many people loving and missing Ray every day. I hope we all find comfort in knowing we are part of that love that he brought to the world.

  2. friendzwithwordz ⋅

    Thank you. I hope you are well. Sending my love to you and your family and I pray you find comfort in each other and good memories of your boys around this difficult time of year.

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