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I’ve met someone new.

Well, Ray read my mind–food writing. It’s a world all its own. Food is very emotional for people–but that is a topic in and of itself and we can talk about it some other time. I want to share with you my letter to Wendys.

Dear Wendys,
Now, you know I really only do fast food once in a blue moon. I like to cook my own food because frankly, i think its insane to eat stuff with an ambiguous origin. However, we had an agreement that you were my one exception to the rule. Your chicken is so juicy, and your fries are the best (yes, I do prefer your fries to the McDonalds). However, I regret to inform you that upon relocating to the southwestern portion of our great nation, I….seem to have met someone else. His name is Rubio’s, and he is by far the best flippin’ fast food I’ve ever had. Now DON’T get me wrong, Wendy’s…I would never abandon you in full…but who can deny the delicious fish taco, savory salsa bar, and tangy chipotle sauce, all folded up neatly into a soft yet firm corn shell? I repent.
Love always,


5 responses to “I’ve met someone new.

  1. friendzwithwordz ⋅

    Blasphemy! Also, no love for In-N-Out??

  2. In-N-Out….good. I respect it, as there is no other place to get a burger that is not only custom-made, but cheap. I’m not in love with it though, because of the limited menu. Sure, sometimes a burger is all you need. But what about when you want good french fries? In-N-Out is a disgrace in the world of french fries. What if I didn’t want red meat? Well, my options have already been exhausted, in the case of In-N-Out. And furthermore, they could not have come up with a more contradictory name for their business. It’s never “in-n-out”….it’s either 30 minutes in the line inside or 30 min in the drive thru line. And on top of all this, I HATE the ketchup/mayo/thousand island crap that they think tastes good on burgers.

    • friendzwithwordz ⋅

      You’re crazy! Their fries are the best! They are freshly cut and fried! That’s what potatoes taste like! Exclamation points!!

  3. I have one word….ugh. if you can’t find a way to make freshly cut potatoes crispy, you’ve failed.

  4. friendzwithwordz ⋅

    Oh, Ray. If only you knew how much I love In N Out now, I am a convert! mmmm

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